About Us

Office Interiors Greenville is a full service furniture dealer and showroom serving markets nationwide. Our headquarters is based in Atlanta, GA but opened a showroom in Greenville due to the demand in the marketplace. We are not just selling furniture, we are creating experiences for companies, their employees, and clients. Being a good partner extends beyond providing a good product.

At Office Interiors, we will create an environment that works for your company and the technology that you use. We work to provide a flexible, dynamic furniture solution that is in a sense “future” proof and will not become obsolete in the next 10-20 years.

We understand it needs to be able to be adaptable to the next round of innovation. The way people feel in a space can determine the success of a business including employee retention, happiness, and recruitment.

With our diverse design capabilities, our staff of designers, architects, managers, and business development leaders can help you achieve a functional and fit office setting.

Office Interiors has full resources to design all types of environments. These include healthcare, office, education, hospitality, restaurants, government, and non-profit.

We specify all types of furniture such as systems furniture, non panel systems, seating, outdoor, reception, cafes, collaborative space, phone booths, etc.

Perfecting an ideal workspace is quite hard to achieve, but our relentless pursuit of excellence made us who we are. This brought us pride in our craft as we continue to deliver and equip your office environment the way you want it to be.